Rainbow Canyons Amateur Radio Club
Club Call WR7AAA  

Local Repeater Information

146.760-PL 123Iron Mountain
146.800-PL 100Blowhard Peak
146.940-PL 100Frisco Peak
146.980-PL 100Iron Mountain
146.680-PL 100New Harmony
147.060+NoneCedar Echolink
145.150-NoneCedar D-Star
147.160+PL 100Mt. Dutton
449.500-PL 100Iron Mountain
447.950-NoneCedar D-Star
449.600-PL 100Black Mountain
448.800-PL 100Iron Mountain
449.925-PL 100Rowberry
449.900-PL 100Cedar [IRLP/Echolink]

How to use EchoLink

Once you connect to an EchoLink repeater be sure to Identify yourself over the air.

To connect to a specific node type in the node number (ie 9999)

You can enter the following commands:

* Information
# Disconnect from a node.
## Disconnect from all nodes.
08 Status of connection
00 Random Node
01 Random Link
03 Random User
09 Reconnect to last connection

How to use the remote base

(Removed by request of owner)