Rainbow Canyons Amateur Radio Club  

Local Repeater Information

146.760-PL 123Iron Mountain
146.800-PL 100Blowhard Peak
146.940-PL 100Frisco Peak
146.980-PL 100Iron Mountain
147.060+NoneCedar Echolink
145.150-NoneCedar D-Star
147.160+PL 100Mt. Dutton
449.500-PL 100Iron Mountain
447.950-NoneCedar D-Star
449.600-PL 100Black Mountain
448.800-PL 100Iron Mountain
449.925-PL 100Rowberry
449.900-PL 100Cedar [IRLP/Echolink]

How to use EchoLink

Once you connect to an EchoLink repeater be sure to Identify yourself over the air.

To connect to a specific node type in the node number (ie 9999)

You can enter the following commands:

* Information
# Disconnect from a node.
## Disconnect from all nodes.
08 Status of connection
00 Random Node
01 Random Link
03 Random User
09 Reconnect to last connection

To participate in the RCARC Friendship Net while travelling, send a request to kd7ttt@gmail.com and request that the EchoLink be established at net time.

Find a local EchoLink repeater in the area you are visiting.
Using DTMF on local repeater enter 924285 to connect to Terry's node in Cedar City.
Once connected you should be linked to the 146.760 repeater in Cedar City.

When finished enter # to disconnect from Terry's node.

How to use the remote base

Rowberry Remote Base - 449.925 - Minus Offset PL 100.0

As you start to do this be sure to Identify yourself over the air.

First have the radio able to work the Rowberry repeater on 449.925 mhz. It can operate as a normal repeater until you give it commands to do otherwise.

On a Baefong the 'A' key is the one marked MENU. The B,C,& D key are the keys to the right of that.

If you key the radio, hold it in transmit and press the A key, then the 7 key.

The repeater will respond by telling you what freq the 2 mtr side is set to. If it says 147.760 back, then you are ready for the next step.

To connect the 449 repeater to the 2 meter radio transmit then press A1 A11. The repeater will respond with 'LINK PORT 1 - 2 PORT 2 ON'

Now you can hear everything on 146.76 by listening to Rowberry. And when you talk to Rowberry everyone on 146.76 will hear you.

When you are finished with the net turn off the ports by sending the the codes, A1 A10.

On a Baefong the 'A' key is the one marked MENU. The B,C,& D key are the keys to the right of that.

A1 A11 Turns On 2-Meter Radio
A1 A10 Turns Off 2-Meter Radio
A7 Interrogates 2-Meter frequency

A75XX Selects Memory Channel from Chart Below
Pre-Programmed Memories
01 - 146.940 Minus 100.0 Hz Frisco Peak
02 - 146.820 Minus 100.0 Hz Utah Hill
03 - 146.800 Minus 100.0 Hz Blowhard
04 - 146.460 Simplex 0 Hz
05 - 146.520 Simplex 0 Hz
06 - 146.910 Minus 100.0 Hz Seegmiller
07 - 146.760 Minus 123.0 Hz Iron Mountain
08 - 146.880 Minus 100.0 Hz Las Vegas
09 - 146.980 Minus 0 Hz Iron Mountain
10 - 147.160 Plus 100.0 Hz Mt. Dutton
11 - 145.490 Minus 100.0 Hz Utah Hill
12 - 145.450 Minus 100.0 Hz Toquerville
13 - 145.610 Minus 114.8 Ely
14 - 146.840 Minus 100.0 Monroe
15 - 146.860 Minus 100.0 Monroe
16 - 146.640 Minus 100.0 Monroe
17 - 147.380 Plus 107.2 Delta
18 - 147.100 Plus 100.0 Beesting
19 - 145.220 Minus 100.0 Highland
20 - 145.270 Minus 103.5 Levan