Rainbow Canyons Amateur Radio Club  

Our local SSTV Net is every Saturday Night at 8:00PM on 449.925

Images sent/received during the last SSTV Net:










SSTV in 3 Easy Steps


1. Download and install the SSTV software above into a Windows Desktop or later Computer. MMSSTV is freeware that lets you see what you have been missing at no cost!

2. Connect receiver audio out to Soundcard input. Tune in an SSTV station on 14.230 Mhz. MMSSTV autocorrects but some programs require adjusting the timing to correct slant. BE PATIENT WHEN RECEIVING....IT'S NOT THE INTERNET!

These are the most popular frequencies used (Mhz)
14.230 (very popular)
14.233 (another good one)
145.5 MHz

3. Hold transmitter microphone up to Soundcard speaker and transmit SSTV. DO NOT USE AUDIO COMPRESSION! You will get some room echo in the picture but immediate results are hard to argue with or you can try using good quality headphones (over the ear type) instead of the Computer speakers and press the mic into the earcups to eliminate room background noise and adjust the volume from computer audio as needed for proper modulation. (about half the output of your hf rig) Remember........... SSTV IS FULL DUTY CYCLE, so if your rig runs 100 watts on ssb, then cut audio back to about 50 watts with computer volume control.

There you have it! 3 Easy Steps to SSTV with very little cost! Experiment and have fun but don't burn out those finals!