Rainbow Canyons Amateur Radio Club
Club Call WR7AAA  

“Iron Mission Days”
RCARC and Frontier Homestead State Park will join forces to celebrate “Iron Mission Days”
Date: November 10 & 11, 2023.
Time: Normal business hours both days.
Reason: COMMEMORATING the 172nd anniversary of the first Iron Works in the Rocky Mountains.
Operation: 2 HF radios and live operators making contacts with the outside world from Frontier Homestead State Park & Museum!
We have a unique situation for this event. We will operate a normal Special Event station, using the special call sign, N7U and simultaneously send out a POTA (Parks on The Air) operation number! It is suggested we schedule operators for a 2-hour shift at the microphone, both days for a total of 18 hours on the air. Bring your lunch, drinks and family and have FUN! handing out contacts during this annual celebration event.
These certificates are a PDF file that will be emailed to you with the correct information. Pease be sure to let us know wich image you would like, 1 or 2. After you recieve your certificate, you can print it out on the paper of your choice. Please see the below link to see a sample of the cerificate.

To request an email certificate, send QSL information to rcarccertificate@rcarc.info